Trade Show Lighting

Proper trade show lighting in an exhibit or event is a critical factor for success. The lighting displays the focal point of the tradeshow booth and is essential in conveying a specific message about the brand or service a company is offering. While ceiling lights, down lights and theatrical lighting provide some ambient light, more often than not the light they provide is insufficient. Many companies spend large amounts of time and money on exhibits or events and still come up short because they didn’t properly design the lighting for the booth. If the trade show lighting is poorly designed or executed, patrons cannot see where they are going or what they should be looking at. It can make a world of difference to simply add in an additional light or spotlight here and there!

The secret to really making a booth shine is accent lighting. Think about a favorite store, coffee shop or hangout. Most likely it is well lit, inviting and easy to navigate. Architects and interior designers spend a great deal of time finding the right balance for each space they design. An event or exhibit, while not permanent, depends on that same attention to detail.

At Elite Exhibits we understand the design aspects of trade show lighting. We have found that by adding elements like LED internally lit walls, graphics, counters, ceilings and furniture to a booth, it draws in the customer and gives them a unique experience. Our trade show lighting comes in any color imaginable and can help make your area memorable. Give your exhibit that personal touch that it needs and go from ordinary… to extraordinary! Contact Elite Exhibits today to get started. 

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