Trade Show Flooring

At most tradeshows, the venue will already have carpet or a basic type of trade show flooring provided. Many companies that participate in tradeshows simply use the flooring provided and don’t take into account the actual design of the booth floor. What these companies don’t realize is that there are a number of ways to use flooring space to convey a brand message or even logo!

At Elite Exhibits, we customize every aspect of the booth to fit with a company’s branding, including flooring. Perhaps there is a need to highlight an area for a new product, a lounge area, a meeting room, or even a live presenter or band. Custom trade show flooring is a subtle and elegant way to reinforce the booth experience in the minds of potential clients. Our team uses higher quality flooring that is chosen and designed specifically for each of our clients.

Elite Exhibits provides custom carpet inlays of corporate logos and can even create a custom carpet path throughout the booth space. We also design and build custom printed flooring, risers, stairs, stages and even double decks!

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