Benefits of Trade Show Booth Rentals

At Elite Exhibits, we specialize in building exhibits that are tailored for specific products or services. Whether a client is interested in renting or buying an exhibit, we will help design every aspect so that the booth is unique. Custom rental exhibits are designed to a client’s specifications just like purchased booths. However, there are many advantages to renting a booth from Elite Exhibits.

Advantages of renting an exhibit:
  • Less hassle—we handle everything! At most shows, a supervisor and a representative from the Elite Exhibits team are on-site to oversee the installation and dismantlement of an exhibit.
  • Lower overall cost. Renting a custom-designed, custom-built booth for exclusive use is much more affordable than purchasing a booth.
  • One budget and a lower initial expense. Trade show rentals are used for a specific time frame or a set number of trade shows. Because of this, the cost can be amortized over the contract period.
  • No removal fee. When the contract period is over, there are no additional costs to the client.
  • Easy modifications. We store all of our rental exhibit products in our warehouse so that we can maintain and modify exhibits as needed.
  • Afford more! Because rental booths cost less, clients are able to afford larger, more distinctive booths at the same budget. 
If you would like to learn more about the benefits of renting an exhibit or the our process, contact Elite Exhibits today! 

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