Trade Show Display Rentals

When you rent a trade show display from Elite Exhibits it allows you to have a fresh look for every trade show you attend. Our system has been heralded as the ultimate green solution. As a specialized provider in trade show display rentals, we give businesses the ability to create different trade show displays for each show and only pay for the components used. If there is a need for a different configuration or booth orientation at a future show, we simply revise the design to best fit the booth space. Elite Exhibits custom trade show display rental systems typically save 87-92% off the cost of a traditional new custom build. There are no storage fees, no refurbishment costs and no inbound or outbound handling fees. With our proprietary, lightweight and easy-to-set exhibit wall systems, our clients save on shipping, drayage and labor at trade shows and events.

 If you are looking for a cost effective way to have an exceptional trade show display, contact our Elite Exhibits team today! 

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