Outdoor Banners

Are you looking for an outdoor banner for an event, concert or tradeshow? At Elite Exhibits we can help you customize a display for any environment. Our outdoor banners are especially useful for events because of their durability and longevity. We print on vinyl with UV printers that use a special ink. The ink contains a UV resistant chemical that allows the banner to last for several years outside. We also print outdoor friendly fabric banners that are completely weather resistant and can be printed in full color. Outdoor banners can be used for the following:

  • Outdoor tradeshow
  • Civic banners
  • Outdoor event banners
  • Fence screens
  • Event screens

At Elite Exhibits we custom design and print all of our outdoor banners in house. This allows us to keep the cost lower for our clients and provide a quicker return. Contact us today to learn more.

Looking for other types of banners? We also provide the following: