Double Deck Exhibits

With the continuing drive to attract attention to tradeshow attendees, many companies are looking for ways to expand their presence. If you are pushing to make a big impression on potential and current clients, a double deck exhibit is the right option for you. A double deck exhibit will add more space and versatility to your booth without increasing your rental costs as much as you might think. The second floor of this exhibit system can act as a space for private meetings and can be arranged in any way to accommodate the needs of the client.

The planning process for double deck exhibits can be complicated without the help of experienced designers. In most cases, shows have height limitations, safety regulations, and fire safety/ADA requirements. At Elite Exhibits, our team of knowledgeable account managers have managed some of the largest, most active clients in the industry including GE Healthcare and LiuGong. We will work with you to display anything and everything that you might need to promote your business.

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